How many times are you going to hit it with a hammer??

Today I pulled into the carwash as I do at least once a week (I know, that’s often but I like a clean car).  I did my usual, pulled up, let the automatic reader scan my car wash tag and just hit, thank you to pull through. I don’t add any extra’s just a simple clean is good for me.

I noticed when I pulled up just about ready to get my car started on the track that the car in front of me kind of did a little jump, as if the track was running uneven. The attendant, Jeff,  had me stop and I waited. I could see the track seemed off a bit, it didn’t seem to be running smoothly. Shortly after waiting, Jeff came over to my window, I rolled it down and he said, “Don’t worry this will just take a minute, I have to hit the track with a hammer and it’ll be right back to running smoothly.” So I joked with him if during his interview for the job he had to assure them that he could work a hammer, the sweet 20 year old kind of chuckled but also rolled his eyes at my 46 year old humor and said, “No Ma’am.” To which that made me laugh even more but I digress. After he and another team member hit the track several times with a hammer and then got on the phone with someone, hit it a few more times and to no avail, it wouldn’t run smoothly. At this point there was about 12 cars behind me and we all waited when Jeff came over to my window and said, “They want us to just keep hitting it with a hammer and it’s not working so we’ll have to let you go out the side and we hope to have it working within an hour.”

It struck me, how many times on our own or are we told by someone else to ‘just keep hitting it with a hammer expecting a different result?? I sat there marveling and giggling  as it appeared totally absurd that ‘the Boss’ who wasn’t there was telling these guys to just keep hitting it, how would that help at all? I also sat in awe as I realized how fortunate I was to get stuck there and witness this as I’ve been hitting an area of my life over and over and over again with a hammer expecting that it will make the track smooth again…it’s not working for me and I’m guessing it’s not working for you either. Use a different tool, make a change because a smooth track needs more than one tool that obviously isn’t working.


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